Notebird:voice to control the game of flapping

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Notebird is a voice control and magic games.

Just 50 decibels to the microphone, you can control it flying, without sound, without any control

Notebird will seriously challenge your skills and reflexes!Help him fly his way through the ingenious and tricky levels we have created for you!

Get more gold coins, gold coins to buy props, upgrade skills. You can get in the game of random acceleration, magnet, wall helmets and other skills.Gold coins can open more modes of play: double mode, flight mode, acceleration mode.

You’ll keep chipping away at the stage, keen to get further and come across something even harder along the way. Note bird is really, really hard.

This shouldn’t be so hard. Famous last words, those are, in that strange world of gaming where we can die again and again.

Game features:
– voice control game
– single mode
– Double mode
– Flight Mode
– High-speed mode
– More game skills
– Game center

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